“The Convergent Electric Grid Monitoring and Analysis System enables you to take data driven decisions to prevent electrical failures, unplanned downtimes and improve safety"

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Machinery doesn't fail suddenly. Deterioration happens over a
period of time. Ayasta's patent pending* leakage monitoring technology detects this early on and enables predictive maintenance

Forecast Failures and Reduce Downtime

With real time data and rich dashboards, predict failures even before they happen. Increase your ROI by reducing the system downtime.

Reduce Maintenance Costs and Increase Productivity

Move from reactive and pro active maintenance to Predictive maintenance paradigm and save huge costs on maintenance. Increase productivity of resources through optimal utilisation.

Save Energy

By arresting leakages and monitoring performance of machinery, save wastage of power and create an efficient power grid in your industry.


Monitor leakages through a comprehensive visual dashboard with data coming in from machinery connected to the CEGMA Earth devices.

CEGMA Earth would trigger alerts through email, SMS and a call in case an immediate action is required.

An IP55* rated plug and play device is connected to various electrical end points. These devices are modular, yet robust, with the ability to interface to the internet through WiFi, Ethernet or GSM.

Powerful data driven diagnostic tools enable you to view and analyse data originating from multiple devices and identify anomalies . This helps you to pro actively protect expensive machinery from damages.

An admin panel to configure and manage your devices and users. The application with RBAC mechanism enables effective management of devices spread across multiple geographies and departments.

"Its critical to have this system. We could not realise how much we needed this data until we had it. The early warning alerts enabled us to protect critical networking infrastructure from failing and prevent unplanned downtimes"

-Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited

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*Indian Patent Application number: 201741018899